35 years
dedicated to the future

EBS – it’s a community

University – it means people and community. The well-being of our people is placed on the highest pedestal in Madis Habakuk’s EBS creed.

We must never forget that the destiny of people lies within our hands, and we can influence it towards one direction or another.

The success of our students, alumni and their employers comes first in our order of priorities. We strive towards an ever-growing number of our alumni reaching the top, without any of our graduates left unemployed.

The success of our staff comes second in our order of priorities. We strive towards giving a spark to their life and filling it with continual self-development, sufficient wealth and excellent working conditions. We support them in case of misfortune.

Society comes next in the order of priorities. We strive towards rapid societal development in all regions where we operate. We promote Estonia as a rapidly developing cultural nation by exporting education. Our mission and duty is to offer new opportunities and/or help the weak.

The success of the university as a whole comes fourth in our order of priorities. We are convinced that success can only be ensured by obtaining the first three goals. Profitability is a necessary precondition for our existence and the means for achieving more important goals. Profit is like oxygen, food and water to a living organism. There is no life without it. Nonetheless, profit is not the meaning of life.